96% increase in conversions since launch

Founded in 2012, Physiquipe have been supplying high-end equipment to organisations such as Team GB, England Football Team and the NHS, to name a few. They pride themselves on being the experts in their field and have put out hundreds of educational videos, helping countless physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals.


Web Design
Wordpress Development


4 Months
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The Problem.

Physiquipe was supplying high-end rehabilitation equipment to world-class athletes and clinicians but their branding, website and social media was hurting their campaigns and they ere struggling to see the return on ad spend they needed to justify their efforts.

The reason why they were losing the attention of their visitors could be encapsulated in 4 core problems.

Poor content structuring
Lack of consistency
Speed and performance
Outdated branding

My Role.

I worked closely with the Physiquipe team to understand exactly what site visitors wanted from the site, as well as with the agency managed their paid search and social campaigns.


Finesse the Brand
Leads-focussed website design
Wordpress development inc. memberships

Finessing the Brand.

The old brand (as see here) didn’t consist of much but I couldn’t help but feel it had potential, especially the work they’d done with their Academy site so far.

I therefore decided to come up with a ‘one-page brand guidelines’ which I’d expand on throughout the larger web design project.

One-page Brand Guidelines.

Leads-focussed website design.

After doing extensive market research and discussing options with the team, we decided that we'd stick with keeping the Academy separate under its own subdomain.

I then sat down and looked at the site traffic and conversion data with their marketing agency, confirming that there we two distinct origins/intentions of visitors:

Interest in content
Ad click – product interest

Content-Focussed Pages

At the time, the Academy site was keeping the attention of visitors far longer than the main site was, which led me down a path looking a variety of different content consumption platforms.

Both myself and Andy (Managing Director) became invested in the idea of not only having the Academy site feel like 'Netflix for physios', but also having the homepage take the same form.

Product Page Template

Arguable the most important page on the website, the product page is where all paid campaigns will push traffic to.

We decided to go with an e-commerce style layout for a few reasons:

Future-proofing – very easy to integrate Woo-commerce
The familiarity would boost quote requests
The CTA is always in view

Wordpress Development inc. Memberships.

Interactions with Webflow

I built the site prototype in Webflow (web design tool), not only to save build time and maximise output quality – but also to take advantage of their world-renowned interaction design functionality.

We were committed to keeping the interactions tasteful, keeping them limited to page load interactions as well as some hover transitions and very subtle paralax on images.

Wordpress API

The Wordpress functions used for development didn't quite cover what the design required, so seen as I was already using jQuery (javascript development library), I opted to use AJAX requests to get data with the Wordpress SQL database in the following two scenarios.

Show the latest Academy videos on
For the 'load more' functionality on both sites

Bespoke Membership System

We decided that we'd leave most of the content unrestricted to help get more visitors consuming content, but the product training videos produced by the team were to have gated access.

We therefore needed a membership system and after doing some extensive research, we opted for a premium option called 'Profile Builder'. It was the only option which allowed me to build all of the functionality around my own custom designed pages and member emails.

Hubspot Integration & More

Physiquipe used Hubspot for almost all of their client relationship and marketing management. It was therefore vital that this could be integrated into the site.

The result was all leads being added to the relevant contacts list and being notified, a full site-wide live chat, marketing emails, accurate sales analytics, etc.

Other integrations included Google Analytics and Tag Manager, Rank Math SEO (chosen to pair best with their search specialists), and others to help make updating and ordering content much easier for the entire team.

"Such a great experience working with the Fort & Co team. As a creative, talented and proactive designer, Mike has a real flair for designing a creative user experience."
Andy Thomas
Managing Director